Build Core Strength,
Improve Balance and
Gain Stability

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Train Your Brain and Ignite Your Reflexes
with Reactive Power Training!

The RPT (Reactive Power Trainer) is designed to strengthen your core muscles and train your brain to react faster, resulting in more control and balance from the neck to the ankles. Regardless of age or competitive level, the RPT enhances strength, balance, and core. Athletes from pee wee leagues to professional level, weekend warriors, runners, cyclists, gymnasts, crossfit, martial arts, and more will take a leap to the next level with the RPT.

Business people can benefit by using the RPT by providing a quick effective break from long hours sitting behind a desk.

For seniors from 55+ and beyond who begin to lose balance, coordination and strength, the RPT is a great tool to help recapture that youthful walk and ability to stave off debilitating age-related injuries from tripping, slipping or falling.

The RPT can be configured for limitless routines that can be done at home, at the gym, and the office, for true strength and balance training as well as prehab and rehab conditions.


The movable handles on the RPT and angled grips offer the versatility to do four types of push-ups, with endless variations of offset push-ups, dips, push-ups locked at an angle, push-ups with a varying but limited movement, and with two RPT’s push-ups with a movable surface for hands and feet.


Simply by adjusting your foot postion on the RPT, you can target specific muscle groups and increase the effectiveness of your workout. The generously sized foot platform and non-skid surface allows athletes to accomplish a variety of stances to benefit from the flexibility of the Reactive Power Training platform.